Getting Started with iPads: A Cheat Sheet for Teachers & Students


Some Standard Apps & What You Can Do with Them.

  • Safari: Browse the web.
  • iBooks: Read pdf’s.
  • iTunes U: Download free educational content, including audio, video & courses.
  • FaceTime: Video chat with other iOS device owners.
  • Maps: Explore the world’s geography.
  • Camera:
    • Take photos, email & share them.
    • Shoot videos & uploads to Youtube, etc.
  • There is no native voice recorder app on the iPad, but several free options can be downloaded from the App Store.

Some Useful Apps Which May Cost Money ($) or May Not.

  • Blackboard Mobile Learn: use Blackboard resources, discuss, blog & comment.
  • office/productivity
    • Pages($): Word processing.
    • Numbers($): Spreadsheets.
    • Keynote($): Presentation software (like Powerpoint).
  • Notability($): handwritten note-taking.
  • Goodreader($): reading and annotating pdf’s; draws from Google Drive, Dropbox.
  • Edit the video you’ve captured on the device:
    • iMovie($)
    • Filmic Pro($)
    • Pinnacle Studio($)
  • Dropbox: Upload files to the cloud or download them to the iPad.
  • Evernote: Save web pages for editing & sharing.

Sample Assignments & Activities

  • Using Safari, students search the web for relevant topics then share the results orally with the group.
    • Students may capture the page to Evernote for later editing, sharing & discussion.
  • Using the Maps application, students explore the relevant geography, pursuing a specific question and sharing the results.
    • E.g., “Can I visit the Arche de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Tour Eiffel within the same morning?”
  • Students use the Camera app to interview experts or native speakers.
    • They record video, then show it in class or upload it to Youtube and post a link in a Blackboard discussion or blog.
      • Youtube videos can be set to “Share by link” so they won’t be found by others.
  • Students respond to Blackboard Discussion topics or post to Blackboard Blogs using Blackboard Mobile Learn.
  • Using Keynote, students develop and deliver presentations.
    • Be sure the instructor has an adapter so the student’s device can be connected to the projector/display.

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