Projecting Your iPad in the Classroom.

So you want to show your class what's happening on your iPad? There are a few things you need to know to display your iPad screen on an LCD, flatscreen or data projector.

You Must Adapt.

First, you will need an adapter. It’s an Apple product, so there is more than one type. (Ahem.)

  • The most common is: VGA. This is the most common type of connection between computers and external screens or projectors.
  • Less common is HDMI. It's less common, but it carries sound as well as picture.

Are You Enabled?

  • HDMI will project everything on the iPad: the ‘desktop,’ the Safar web browser, ebooks, everything.
  • Though the VGA interface is more common, what it projects is more limited.

Displaying to an external device from the iPad using VGA is enabled at the level of the app. Some apps are, and some apps aren’t.

Which Apps Are Enabled?

Some of the most important apps you can display using a VGA connection are:

  • Videos*
  • Youtube*
  • Keynote ($)
  • Photos (in slideshow mode only)*
  • GoodReader ($)
  • Brushes and other drawing/whiteboard apps ($)

* = Preloaded in the iPad Operating System.

($) = not free

Sounding Off

If you want sound, you'll also need an audio cable.

  • The most common type is "headphone mini male to headphone mini male." If you have earphones, this cable will look like the earphone plug--but at both ends.

--Edward R. O'Neill


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