Forget Bookmarks.

That's in the imperative.

I mean:  don't collect bookmarks in your browser.

Doing so means a browser synch tool, and they're mostly browser-specific and unwieldy, I find.
Instead, make most of your bookmarks public.

I use delicious.  You add a link to your browser that takes you from any web page to a delicious page that adds the prior page to your delicious bookmarks.

You tag the pages with whatever's relevant for you or others--"learningtechnology," "instructionaldesign," "xml," the like.

Now you can find all your tagged pages anywhere you have a web connection.

AND anyone else can browse your tags or see those tags when tagging a page themselves.

Saving and sharing become the same thing.

Want students to collect and share bookmarks?  Create a class account--it's free, and have everyone tag pages.  

Want to send someone your links about javascript?

Tagged with javascript and API?


No more browser plug-ins or bookmark synching.  No more sorting bookmarks into a tree structure.  Just click, tag, be done.

Your bookmarks:  anywhere.

(Yes, you can make private ones, too.)  

--Edward R. O'Neill


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