Your Calendar Can Remind You.

So you have calendaring software.  

And IF your computer is on, and IF the software is running, and IF you are there at your desk and looking at your computer, THEN you can get reminders in advance.

That's a lot of IF's.

Enter Google calendars.

They have a ton of neat features:  for instance, you can set up multiple calendars and publish any of them for all the world to see.  (Think:   course paper deadlines, softball team schedules, the like.)

Now the calendars will also remind you any number of times in any amount of time in advance--via email or SMS.

That's right.  You set click on the event to enter its details.  Then under "Options," you add a reminder.  You can add more than one--I've not found the upper limit--and then you "Save."

Voila!  I get text messages on my phone warning me of upcoming meetings, to call people, to send things in the mail, homework, whatever.

Thank you, Google!

--E. R. O'Neill


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