Old LP's to New Mp3's.

This actually rather nice--so far.  

It's made by TEAC, so you expect a certain level of competence.

It records LP's to mp3's at 96, 128 or 156kbps--no other choices--and puts them on a USB drive or SD memory card.

From thence you can move them to your computer, and edit at will.

No, it's not recording to a 'raw' format like a .wav file.  But it's useful.

I did have a portable turntable I could jack into my Windows box and record to .wav or .mp3.  

But there was no auto-return function on the tone arm, so you had to be there when the record ended--not out of the room for five seconds.  That added to the inconvenience.

This promises to be simpler.

I was put off at first because the one warm won't move if the box isn't powered on and in PHONO mode!  

But now my 1952 Metropolitan Opera recording of Salome and Elektra on LP with Welitsch and Varney, respectively, is sounding good.

You won't find a better price than here:  http://www.jr.com/teac/pe/TEA_LPU200/

--E. R. O'Neill


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